Medicinal Treatment of Bronchial Asthma in Children with Ventolin Inhaler

Medical bronchial asthma treatment is distinguished into 2 subgroups:

  • symptomatic treatment;
  • basic therapy.

Curing of bronchial asthma in children is a very difficult operation: medication can be prescribed only by a doctor. It is better not to self-medicate, as an incorrect application of preparations such as Ventolin inhaler from My Canadian Pharmacy can worsen disease’s course, becoming a cause of more long-lasting and common short-breathing attacks. As a result, the respiratory failure can develop.

Symptomatic treatment is comprised of medications that possess a bronchodilator effect: Ventolin inhaler, Salbutamol. Considering severe cases, corticosteroids are also admitted. It is important to carry out a correct selection of drugs, but also pay attention to its administration method.Medicinal Asthma Treatment in Children

Common Methods of Bronchial Asthma Treatment

Inhalation is the most common method of bronchial asthma prevention (as an example My Canadian Pharmacy takes Ventolin inhaler – an aerosol created to cope with bronchial asthma attack). But sometimes inhalator spray use may become an obstacle for young children: the child may not guess the aerosol direction and inhale the drug incorrectly. In addition, with this administration approach, most of the drug settleы out on the pharynx back wall (only 20% reaches the bronchi).

At the moment, there developed a number of devices that enhance bringing medication into the lungs. For the treatment of children, these adaptations are optimal: they allow online Ventolin inhaler use in a smaller dose, which decreases adverse reactions risk.

A spacer is a special device, an intermediary container for aerosol. The medication penetrates the chamber from the can and serves as a means for better inhalation by the child. This allows you to take a few breaths, 30% of the drug in the form of an aerosol reaches the lungs. The spacer is not used to administer the drug in the form of a powder.

Along with the spacer, the system “easy breathing” is applied: Ventolin inhaler is charged without efforts (there is no necessity to put on the inhaler to make inspiration). The aerosol cloud is distributed at a lower rate and the drug does not settle in the pharynx, and much medication penetrates lungs.

Nebulizer (inhaler) – a device able to transform drug into an aerosol. It contains the compressor together with ultrasonic nebulizers. This device can help to apply asthma medication for a long time.

Unregretfully, symptomatic treatment meds provide a transient effect. Constant, unbridled bronchodilators’ application can provoke asthmatic status development when the bronchi are not affected by the drug. Therefore, older children who can use inhalers themselves should carefully control medicine dose – children, because of asthma attack fear, may overdose the bronchodilator drug.

As a basic therapy, several drugs’ subgroups are prescribed:

Hormonal medications can also be prescribed to treat bronchial inflammation preventing asthma exacerbation. Basic therapy is also admitted by the doctor individually, considering the characteristics of the child’s body and the severity of asthma duration.

Inhibitors of leukotrienes and cromone preparations are also used. They do not affect the lumen of the bronchi and do not stop the attack. These drugs reduce the individual sensitivity of child’s body to allergens.

Parents should not withdraw supportive or basic therapy without doctor’s prescription. Do not also arbitrarily change drugs’ dosage, especially if corticosteroids are prescribed. Dose reduction is carried out when there was not a single attack for six months. If a remission occurs within two years, the doctor cancels the drug completely. If there is an attack after stopping the drug application, the treatment starts again.

It is important to conduct the timely treatment of chronic foci of infection (tonsillitis, caries, adenoids, sinusitis), diseases of the digestive tract.