Chemical Detection & Sensing


Mid-IR and nonlinear spectroscopy are versatile tools in pharmaceutics and bio-pharmaceutics, with a wide field of applications ranging from characterization of drug formulations to elucidation of kinetic processes in drug delivery. It could also provide fast detection and identification of counterfeit medicines. These methods are also emerging techniques in the chemical detection. Both techniques target the vibrations of the chemical molecules and could also be used remotely.

The advantage of CARS spectroscopy is the high sensitivity of the technique to the molecular vibrations. The signal yield with CARS is much higher that what could be obtained through other raman techniques. Mid-IR spectroscopy is another efficient techniques due to the fact that various chemicals exhibit higher specific absorption peaks in the mid-IR spectral region.

Genia Photonics specializes in developing technologies to perform CARS and Mid-IR spectroscopies. Genia Photonics versatile synchronized programmable laser can be used as a source to generate CARS signals or mid-IR signals. These products can be found in the two following categories of products:


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