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Founded in 2009 by the merger of Optav Solutions (Dr. Alain Villeneuve) and FG2 Tech (Dr. François Gonthier), Genia Photonics Inc. is an innovative company specializing in high-speed picosecond fiber-based lasers and spectroscopic measurement systems. Centered around our patented fiber laser technology, Genia’s compact, easy to use and controlled via software systems will change the methodology for various applications in biomedical, industrial as well as defense and security. Dr. Gonthier and Dr. Villeneuve boast together over 35 years of experience in transferring innovative R & D technology into profitable commercial products.

Management Team


FoundersBilly Nicholls, Ph.D.CEO
François Gonthier, co-founders and CEO of Genia Photonics Inc., has over 25 years of experience in fiber optics industry. He received his B.Eng in Physics Engineering in 1985, his master and Ph. D in Optics in 1988 and 1993 respectively from École Polytechnique of Montreal. During his studies, he was the student with the greatest number of publications and was the first student to have patented and sold licenses to external companies that have successfully commercialized the products.

In 1997, he had co-founded ITF optical technologies that designed and manufactured fiber optics components for the telecommunications systems. He than occupied the position of CTO until 2006 when ITF was sold to Avensys. During this period ITF raised a total of 100 M$, and went from 3 to 500 employees in 2000-2001. In 2005, he led ITF to cash flow positive operation.

Dr. Gonthier had founded in 2006 FG2 Tech, a self-financed R&D; company that developed next generation fiber optics components for fiber lasers. FG2 Tech implemented a new process technology for fiber component fabrication resulting in a great reduction of cost. FG2 Tech’s activities are today completely integrated in Genia Photonics’.

He is a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Email: billy@gphotonics.com
Telephone: 450-158-1254