How To Care About Your Health? Simple Guideline


Everyone knows that it is easier to preserve the health given by nature than to cure diseases that have fallen on a person. This important knowledge is not always able to make most people take efforts to maintain good health: due to self-doubt, any fears and lack of time. But there are simple rules, compliance with which will help you stay healthy life long.

Preventive examination includes undergoing surveys, the examination of specialists and having tests.

Recommended list of necessary studies

  1. General blood test – 1 time in 6 months;
  2. Determination of glucose level – 1 time in 6 months;
  3. Cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides – 1 time in 6 months;
  4. ECG – 1 time per year;
  5. Fluorography – 1 time per year;
  6. Ultrasound of the mammary glands (for women) – 1 time a year;
  7. Mammography (for women) – once every 2 years after 35 years old;
  8. Examination by an obstetrician gynecologist (for women) – 1 time per year;
  9. PSA total (for men) after 40 year old – 1 time per year;
  10. Urologist’s examination (for men) – 1 time per year;
  11. Determination of intraocular pressure after 40 – 1 time per year;
  12. Examination of the therapist (with the results of the above studies) – 2 times a year.

But what if you do get sick? Let’s figure it out. In case of disease, an employee is not obliged to go to work, but must comply with certain rules.

Make your employer aware about your disease

The sick employee is obliged to immediately inform the employer about his sickness and the approximate duration of disability. It is highly desirable to do this before the start of the working day. An employer may issue a warning to an employee who has notified about an illness with a delay.

Bed rest

Medical recognition of disability does not mean that an employee is automatically obliged to follow bed rest. He is allowed, for example, to go for a walk or go shopping, if this does not entail a deterioration in his health, and generally do everything that will contribute to recovery, however, not to engage in part-time work or part-time work.

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An employee who feels that he can go to work earlier than indicated in the certificate of disability has the right to work without fear of problems with insurance protection. However, the boss has the right to reject the employee’s offer to leave work prematurely if he comes to the conclusion that he is not yet able to fully perform his duties. This is required by the obligations imposed on the employer by law to respect the interests of the employee.

At the same time, experts strongly advise employees not to skip, hiding behind a certificate of disability, or openly simulate the disease. In case of exposure, they face dismissal without prior notice, because in such a situation, an employee fraudulently continues to receive wages in case of illness, which is considered as cheating the employer.

Key steps on how to act in case of the disease

What to do if you get sick:

  • stay at home so as not to endanger other people and avoid dangerous complications;
  • remain at bed rest;
  • if possible, isolate yourself from other family members;
  • at the first symptoms of the disease, call a doctor;
  • use disposable wipers;
  • drink more fortified liquids, as well as infusions of cranberries, cranberries, which have antipyretic properties and contain vitamin C;
  • follow all doctor’s prescriptions and take medications, especially antiviral ones, strictly according to the scheme. It is necessary to complete a full course of taking medications, even if it seems to you that you are already healthy;
  • carefully monitor your condition so that if you feel worse, you can consult a doctor in a timely manner and receive the necessary treatment.