FSA Series – Pulsed Fiber-based Synchronization Lasers


The FSA series offers short picosecond pulses at various repetition rates with the added benefit of synchronization. Its fiber-based design and interfaces offer advantages such as stability and flexibility with ease in set up and alignment. All the laser’s parameters are controlled from a PC through a GUI.

The FSA series laser sources can run off their own internal clock or sync off an external clock that can either be electrically supplied or derived from an optical pulse stream from another laser source such as a Ti:Sapphire laser. Electrical trigger signals including signal delay management for triggering data acquisition systems are also available.


  • Short picosecond pulses
  • Selectable pulse repetition rate
  • Variable output power
  • Internal or external clock mode
  • Easy-sync pulse synchronization with another laser
  • Electrical output trigger signals with configurable delay


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