TLA Series – Tunable Pulsed Fiber-Based Lasers


The TLA series of tunable pulsed fiber-based lasers offers rapid wavelength tunability over a wide range. All control parameters can be easily programmed including the many configurable modes of the wavelength sweep function. Setting all the laser parameters can be done simply with a click through a PC Graphical User Interface (GUI). External electrical timing signals for triggering data acquisition systems or other devices are also available and easily controlled from the GUI.

The TLA series also offers a sweep function that enables rapid wavelength sweeping in either a sequential mode or in arbitrary user defined sequences and patterns. Its fiber-based design offers all the advantages of optical fiber for flexibility, stability and robustness.


  • Short picosecond pulses
  • Selectable repetition rate
  • Selectable average output power
  • Wavelength sweeping in sequential or arbitrary patterns
  • Fully programmable patterns including pulse dwell times


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