Synchronization of fiber laser with Ti:sapphire laser for multimodal nonlinear imaging
February 19, 2014

Authors: Mathieu Laliberté; Youngjae Kim; Andre Archambault; Alain Villeneuve; Charles J. Doillon; François Légaré

Reference SPIE LASE 2014 Paper 8972-20

CARS microscopy of cancer cells in vitro and tumors in vivo
February 19, 2014

Authors: Mathieu Laliberté; Youngjae Kim; Andre Archambault; François Légaré; Charles J. Doillon

Reference Paper 8948-30 SPIE Bios 2014

Widely-tunable mid-infrared laser source as key component for molecular spectroscopy systems
February 3, 2014

Authors: Mathieu Giguère; Rajeev Yadav; Alain Villeneuve; Youngjae Kim; Alexandre Dupuis; Bryan Burgoyne

Reference Paper 8992-22

A simple laser Ti:Sapphire system upgrade for multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy
October 31, 2013

Authors: Mathieu Laliberté; Antony Bertrand-Grenier; Youngjae Kim; Bryan Burgoyne; Alain Villeneuve; François Légaré

Reference MS&T 2013

Widely tunable mid-infrared generation via frequency conversion in semiconductor waveguides
October 31, 2013

Authors: Dylan F. Logan; Mathieu Giguere; Alain Villeneuve; Amr S. Helmy

Reference Optics Letters OL38.004457

Synchronized ps fiber lasers with pulse durations (25, 50, 100-2000ps) and repetition rates (100kHz-150Mhz) continuously tunable over three orders of magnitude
April 11, 2013

Authors: Alexandre Dupuis; Bryan Burgoyne; Guido Pena; Andre Archambault; Dominic Lemieux; Vasile Solomonean; Maxime Duong; Alain Villeneuve

Reference DOI: 10.1117/12.2005275

Tunable mid-infrared generation using synchronized programmable fiber lasers
May 7, 2012

Authors: F. Théberge; J.-F. Daigle; A. Villeneuve; B. Burgoyne; Y. Soudagar; M. Châteauneuf; J. Dubois

Reference DOI: 10.1117/12.921500

A Discrete Master Equation for Dispersion-Tuned Fiber Lasers
May 6, 2012

Authors: Bryan Burgoyne; Alain Villeneuve

Reference QELS paper: JW2A.8

Fiber-based Synchronized Programmable Laser system for Biomedical, industrial and defense applications
June 12, 2011

Authors: Bégin, Steve; Burgoyne, Bryan; Côté, Daniel; Dupuis, Alexandre; Kim, Youngjae; Lamouche, Guy; Salhany, Joseph; Théberge, Francis; Villeneuve, Alain

Reference Specialty Optical Fibers, OSA Technical Digest (CD) (Optical Society of America, 2011), paper SOMB2.

Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering hyperspectral tissue imaging with a wavelength-swept system
May 1, 2011

Authors: Steve Bégin; Bryan Burgoyne; Vincent Mercier; Alain Villeneuve; Réal Vallée; Daniel Côté

Reference Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 2, Issue 5, pp. 1296-1306 (2011)