Picosecond Programmable Laser


Genia Photonics’ laser is a fully programmable, uniquely agile fiber laser, tunable in wavelength, pulse width, repetition rate and power.

Using a utility software provided with the laser, you can program any of the laser parameters. The Picosecond programmable laser ¬†offers a sweeping feature that allows users to obtain data with a specific wavelengths’ range. The sweepable laser allows a fast wavelength change and allows the user to control the sweep sequences. For instance, one can chose a linear in optical frequency sweep and specify the start frequency, the stop frequency and the step duration.

The programmable lasers are highly reliable and maintenance free that are designed for spectroscopy applications in medical, industrial and security.


  • Wide range tunability: up to 100 nm
  • Linear sweep in optical frequency
  • Fully programmable
  • Plug and Play
  • GUI controlled, Labview compatible
  • Adjustable pulse width in the picosecond regime
  • Adjustable repetition rate
  • Adjustable output power

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User Interface Demo

The following demo requires you to have Java installed installed on your computer.

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